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Written by Uffie feat. Pharrell.
Produced by DLS.

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Written by Wale.
Produced by DLS.

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Edo G talks about the History of Massachusetts Rap and Hip Hop/ Welcome To Beantown 5 (by the Reel Ace)

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always trying to weigh down our scales
with all the compliments we give,
trying to reach each other in ways
that were too far.
we were never enough for each other.

we were good,
and we loved like there was no tomorrow,
but when tomorrow gets here,
our own eyes are foreign fields
and trying to find ourselves in each other
just fails.

I was only good enough for myself
and you were only good enough for yourself
but we were never enough to keep
this friendship going.
and it doensn’t mean we weren’t meant
for footprints beside ours
through the tough times,
it just means that they are different than
what we always imagined.

forgive me,
but I must go.
we both know we deserve a better hand to
a better heart to bear
our pain.

I must go, but know, I love you (via amandaspoetry)

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Rabbitt & Doubles - Broken Dreams Music Video (by Rap Rabbitt)